Poisonous Fugu fish - a dangerous delicacy

Takifugu, or puffer (Takifugu) - representatives of the genus ray-finned fish, belonging to a fairly large family of pufferfish and the order of pufferfish. The genus of fish Takifugu today includes a little less than three dozen species, two of which are endangered. Description of puffer fish The poisonous species of the family Pufferfish (Tetraodontidae) also have other, less well-known names: rock-toothed (with a monolithic tooth structure, which are merged together); four-teeth, or four-teeth (with teeth fused to the jaws, due to which two upper and two lower plates are formed); dog fish (with a well-developed sense of smell and the ability to detect odors in the water column).

Caranx fish. Description, features and habitat of the Caranx fish

Caranx can be called antediluvian. The fish formed 60 million years ago. This is the border of the Cretaceous and Paleogene. Caranx skeletons were found in sedimentary deposits of eras. The remains of animals fell to the bottom of the ocean. The flesh was decaying. The bones were literally imprinted under the pressure of the water column into the mineral masses of the bottom.

Fluffy cat breeds

Not all fluffy cat breeds (even those dearly beloved and in demand) can boast of official status, confirmed by large felinological associations. How many fluffy breeds are recognized FIFe, WCF, CFA Currently, just over a hundred cat species are legally referred to as breeds.

Rabbit diseases

Currently, rabbits are justifiably true breeding champions. Such agricultural and decorative animals at home are popular due to their fertility and early maturity. However, their content may be complicated by disease damage, as well as mass death.

Snakes of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region: poisonous and non-toxic

In the warm season, when people go to the country or go to the forest for mushrooms, they may accidentally meet with a snake. And, despite the fact that in the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg there are only three species of snakes, among them there are poisonous ones. Therefore, summer residents, as well as mushroom pickers, hunters and lovers of out-of-town trips, it will not hurt to find out how harmless snakes differ from dangerous snakes and how they should behave when they accidentally meet in the forest, field or even at their own dacha with these reptiles.

The lacy lizard. Lizard lizard lifestyle and habitat

The lamellar lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii) is a unique species of agamidae lizards that attracts attention with its unusual appearance. This species lives in the northwest and northeast of Australia, as well as in southern New Guinea. The lacy lizard gained incredible popularity in Japan in the 1980s, later becoming a symbol of Australia, as well as kangaroos and koalas.