Wild boar warthog

Wild boar warthog is a close relative of our cleaver, living on the African continent. He is as formidable and fearless as our wild boar.

Warthog (Phacochoerus africanus).

Who is a warthog

A warthog is a wild African artiodactyl pig. This animal is known to people for its peculiar appearance and behavior. What kind of animal is this?

Warthog Appearance

The warthog looks like a boar with a disproportionately large flattened head. Six large warts are visible on the head. Huge white fangs are also striking.

The "African Boar" warthog is actually very large: its length sometimes reaches two meters, and its weight is 100-120 kilograms. The warthog's coat is rare and tough, thick dark skin shines through it. This animal has a long mane on its neck.

Warthogs run fast while holding their tail vertically.

Warthog habitats

The warthog lives on the African continent. It is mainly found in areas south of the Sahara desert, for example, in Tanzania. The African Boar lives in savannas filled with dry shrubs. Warthogs do not live in dense forests or in open areas. They find themselves permanent dens, where they live their whole lives, although this is not characteristic of artiodactyl animals.

Eating an "African Pig"

What does a warthog eat? The answer to this question is rather ambiguous and not as simple as it seems at first glance. On the one hand, the "African boar" is an omnivorous animal, but on the other hand, warthogs rarely eat protein food while remaining vegetarians. The bark of trees, berries, and sometimes the leaves of various African plants serve as food for this animal. Warthogs graze on their knees, which is why they often have corns in adulthood. Rarely, when plant food becomes scarce, "African pigs" are able to eat carrion.

In adult animals, from such grazing, calluses develop on the knees.

Warthog Reproduction

Warthogs live in a warm and comfortable climate for animals, so they have no breeding season, as such. Usually, "African boars" behave calmly and do not conflict during the mating season, although sometimes there may still be fights between males. During such a fight, the animals collide their foreheads and try to move the opponent from their place. Interestingly, during the fight, the "African pigs" never use fangs - their most dangerous weapon, unlike our wild boars.

Warthog males in a ritual battle.

The pregnancy of the warthog females lasts about six months. When it is time to give birth, the female tries to leave the hole less often to give birth there. Most often, no more than three piglets are born. The color of the warthog cubs varies from grayish-cream to peach pink. The pigs of the "African boar" are very similar to the children of an ordinary domestic pig. By the way, the mother immediately after birth can leave the cubs alone for a long time, appearing in a hole 2-3 times a day. Growing up, the kids are already starting to accompany their mother on walks. About a year later, the cubs of the “African pig” become completely independent.

Female warthog with piglets.

Features and interesting facts

What is remarkable warthog? It is amazing that this animal is fraught with many secrets and surprises.

What animal do you think painted the famous Pumbu boar? Right, with a warthog! In addition, at different ages, warthogs climb into a hole in different ways: little piglets do it head first, like all other animals, but adult "African pigs" climb into a hole, backing up like cancer. This is necessary so that other animals are afraid of the big fangs of the warthog and do not begin to attack him. Speaking of fangs. Sometimes they can reach sixty centimeters! It is also interesting that many animals are afraid to attack adult warthogs, but cubs, alas, often fall into the hands of predators. However, this happens quite rarely. Sometimes the "African boar" can run fast, developing a speed of up to fifty kilometers per hour!

Enemies of a warthog in nature

Even a large and formidable animal like a warthog is in danger. Most often, predators, fearing adults, attack children in the hole until there are no parents. Usually, "African pigs" are attacked by large savannah predators - hyenas, lions, leopards. Piglets can also be eaten by birds of prey, which peek out from above and attack when the mother leaves in search of food from the hole. Often, eagles attack small warthogs.

Warthog: benefit or harm to humans?

A warthog is an animal that can bring both benefits and harm to people. The benefit is obvious - the meat of the "African boar" is very healthy and nutritious, and hunting is not very difficult. On the other hand, in some areas warthogs are classified as pests because they eat all the vegetation in the fields and plantations. In addition, “African pigs” damage plants during digging. Nevertheless, the warthog is a rather harmless animal, despite its large size.


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