Hydrogen fuel

Today, the development of technologies for alternative energy, which can be obtained from inexhaustible natural sources such as the sun, wind, water, is relevant. These methods are very effective and less harmful to the environment. In addition, they help to save money, because recycled materials are used for this.

At an Australian university, experts have created sheets that can absorb the energy of water and the sun. In the future, this technology will become available to any person, and he will be able to use it in everyday life. So it will be possible to receive hydrogen at home, use it as fuel.

According to this technology, it is necessary to use solar panels. You will also need equipment that breaks down oxygen and hydrogen molecules. The energy for the process is used from a solar battery, and this voltage is enough.

So, hydrogen fuel is a promising alternative to clean energy. No harmful emissions occur. This technology can significantly reduce the harmful effects on the environment.

Watch the video: Hydrogen - the Fuel of the Future? (April 2020).

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