Clown fish - the most unusual inhabitant of the aquarium

The underwater world is unusually interesting and attractive. That is why an increasing number of people acquire their own "underwater worlds", preferring to run into the bowls of their favorite pets and various forms of underwater life. Especially against this background, the clownfish known for cartoons stands out to everyone. A bright, mobile, graceful and unforgettable individual literally attracts attention and lays in the soul the peace of contemplation and leisurelyness of life.

Natural habitat

The main distribution area is the warm depths of the Pacific and Indian oceans. It is here that under the protection of poisonous tentacles of fish anemones, clowns can be calm and indulge in the joys of life. To find out where your pet comes from, if it was brought from the ocean, is possible by the brightness of the color. Juicy shades of red - this is most likely an inhabitant of the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, and lemon-yellow tones may belong to a native of the expanses of the Pacific. In general, clown fish is a whole squad that includes many subspecies. But today we are talking about the individual that lives or will soon settle in your house, about caring for it, diet and the possibility of reproduction.

It is known that clown fish in nature lives in thickets of poisonous sea anemones. In order for these predators to “recognize” a new member of the pack, each small fish undergoes a certain “initiation” ritual. To do this, the fin slightly touches the poisonous tentacle with the fin and continues this action until the whole body is covered with protective mucus. This precaution generates a certain secret, which helps reduce sensitivity to burns. And now you can conveniently sit among the processes of a predator, where no other enemy will swim.

The dimensions of the inhabitants, as seen in the photo, are small. The length of the largest specimen will not exceed 12 cm in nature and 9-11 cm for the aquarium inhabitant.

Another interesting feature that clown fish possess is snapping. Silent sounds are like grunts, and loud sounds like a slight tapping of a rosary. Observe how your aquarium individual behaves, you yourself will see the truth of what has been said.

Maintenance and care

To make the clown fish feel "at home", the bowl of the aquarium must be populated with anemones. In their presence, individuals feel safe. But it is important to maintain a balance: with a small number of anemones, the small fish will oppress the latter and plague the anemones in the bud. There is no desire to observe and divide the territory, enrich the underwater world with grottoes, shelters and “rocks” with minks, this will be quite enough for your clowns. Look at the photos of the best aquariums, you will understand what exactly should be in the "apartment" for fish for comfort, convenience and safety.

The main points of proper pet care are the following points:

  1. Quality water is the main measure of comfort, clown fish do not survive in liquids where the nitrite level is exceeded;
  2. The aggressiveness of some representatives can be a problem for other aquarium inhabitants, so before purchasing a pet, take an interest in how well it interacts with other fish;
  3. A stable pair of fish is the best friend of any aquarist. Populating your existing pair, you will get not only the ability to breed pets, but also a certain level of calm in the "underwater world";
  4. Aggressive neighbors will face a very serious rebuff, which means that you should choose peaceful and phlegmatic pets if a couple of "dumb" from the cartoon settle in the aquarium;
  5. The volume of the aquarium is 100 liters - do not settle more than 2 fish!

As you can see, pets are not so simple and require respect for themselves. And now a little more about what you can not see in the photo:

  • Optimum temperature of existence +27 C;
  • The acidity level of water is not more than 8-8.4;
  • The density of the liquid is not lower than 1,020 and not higher than 1,025.

Good lighting, adding water in a volume of 20% at least twice a month and unpretentiousness in food - this is what clown fish will mean for a beginner aquarist. Speaking of food. You can feed your pets with both dry cereal and shrimp, lampreys, octopuses or squids. It’s nice to add algae to the menu. Frequency of feeding twice or thrice a day, but determine the portion yourself. If your pets (not only clowns) consume the same food, and the representatives of the clown squad will get a little food - wait for a bloody feud. These fighters can fend for themselves.

Pets live in captivity for a long time, many individuals celebrate their seventh and even eighth birthday. Therefore, you can safely choose from the photo and buy yourself a little "Nemo", it will give you long pleasant emotions and a lot of amazing discoveries.


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