Golden chinchilla cat. Description, features, care and price of the breed

The breed, named after the color. The first chinchilla was born in England and was silver. The cat's name was Shinny. The gray color along her hairs was distributed by a gradient, that is, smoothly changed the tone from light to dark.

In nature, this color is characteristic of chinchillas - one of the species of rodents. Named after them, Shinny gave birth. One of the kittens became famous, won dozens of regalia at cat shows.

At the London Museum of Natural History, one of the stands is dedicated to the winner. True, the development of the breed is not reflected on it. By the middle of the 20th century, cases of birth of not silver, but golden chinchillas accumulated.

Shades of yellow were distributed along their hairs with a gradient. On the top of the coat it is almost white, and in the undercoat it is saturated apricot. Interestingly, this coloring is found in cats of several breeds.

Features of the breed and character of the cat Golden Chinchilla

On photo of a cat golden chinchilla maybe a Persian, a Briton, a Scot. In all these breeds, gradient-colored kittens are sometimes born. Shinny was the daughter of a Persian. Accordingly, the first chinchillas belonged to this breed.

Color golden cat chinchilla worn only on 1/8 of the hair. The rest of its area, as a rule, is unpainted or has a weak tone. In golden animals, as they say, the pigment is concentrated in the undercoat. Experts call the color veiled.

Whatever breed golden chinchilla cat must be compact, with a straight back, wide chest and smooth contours. Also, in all gradient ears are widely spaced and, often, protrudes forehead.

Chinchilla heads are small and rounded with snub nose. Above them - big eyes - buttons with dark eyeliner. In golden chinchillas, irises are usually green.

The nature of the mustachioed depends on the breed:

  • British Golden Chinchilla - Cat calm and balanced. The pet is patient, silent, not dirty. Therefore, the British are called aristocrats. These aristocrats do not like loneliness.
  • Scottish cat golden chinchilla wayward and curious, loves to meow and is obsessive. This is combined with goodwill, peacefulness and playfulness.
  • Cat breed pers - golden chinchilla docile, sometimes touchy, but quick-witted. Representatives of the breed are lazy. Mustachios are active only in games and being hungry.

Due to its many faces, golden chinchillas are classified as non-classified. This prompts the question: do gradient mustaches have a single standard?

Description of the breed (standard requirements)

There is no single standard for golden chinchillas. Experts evaluate animals in accordance with the rules of the breed to which they belong. According to the theses of the World Cat Federation:

  • British chinchillas are compact, muscular, massive. The size of the whiskers is medium to large. The body is worn on squat and tight limbs with rounded legs. The tail of the Briton must be short, thick and bent up. Looks up and wool. It is plush, made up of dense rows of thin hairs.

The head of the golden British is round and massive, based on a short and muscular neck. The muzzle is distinguished by a developed chin, a straight nose without a stop, wide-set round eyes and equally rounded ears of rounded shape.

  • Scottish chinchillas come in two subtypes. The lop-eared is called Scottish fold. The tips of the ears of the breed are tilted forward and down. The compactness of the ears and landing leave them within the round head of the animal with thick cheeks. Scottish folds also have short and thick legs. The second Scottish species, called a straight, has limbs of medium length and width. The ears of the mustachioed are straight, can be not only miniature, but also medium-sized.
  • Persian gold chinchillas are distinguished by rectangular outlines in the body. It is carried by squat, wide legs. On a short and muscular neck is a slightly elongated head with a sloping forehead. Other chinchillas have a rounded forehead.

The ears of the Persians have rounded tips, but set straight. Experts call the expression of the faces of the Persians "baby face." It distinguishes representatives of the breed, even in extreme old age.

The golden color of chinchillas became the occasion for the middle name of cats. They are called royal. Therefore, on the Internet there is a description of the breed "royal chinchilla." Experts will say that this is also the common name of gradient mustaches from different categories.

Decision buy a golden chinchilla cat must also come in accordance with a particular breed. The British, for example, are cleanliness, easily accustomed to the toilet and daily cleaning themselves with a tongue, paws.


It remains to clean the ears once a month with a cotton pad moistened with boiled water and daily remove lumps from the eyes. A cotton swab leads from the outer corner of the eye to the nose.

British plush fur springy, combed out only once every couple of weeks. Brush lead in the direction of hair growth. They start from the back, leaving on the sides and chest of the animal.

Scottish chinchillas are frozen. The temperature in the house should not fall below 20 degrees. On the other hand, both folds and straights tolerate loneliness well. If a cat has a lot of toys and space for changing locations, it easily experiences the absence of a master at work.

Coming from her, the owner should not only caress the pet, but also check the condition of his ears. Fold Scots, they are susceptible to diseases, suppuration. Illnesses come from the structure of cats.

The drooping tips of their ears block the sink, contributing to stale air in it, heat, debate and infection. Attention to the mustachioed will help to avoid troubles, care for him.

Persians are unpredictable. A melancholy and slow-moving animal can suddenly jump onto a hot stove, or plop into a water-filled bathroom. The rules for the treatment of medicines to the Persians are also not known.

Therefore, in the care of breed representatives, safety is especially important. The loungers are protected from risks by closing the doors to washbasins, putting pots and pans on distant burners. Hot kettles and dishes with food are moved away from the edge of the table.

It is important to close the washing machine and check its chamber before starting. Some Persians choose the inside of the device as a sunbed, a place of rest. Representatives of the breed love solitude.

It is necessary to provide the pet with a legal place of secluded type. The kitten will also be happy with the cardboard box. For an adult cat, it is better to equip a corner with shelves, similar to containers closed from prying sun beds.

Persians are stubborn. If the pet has already chosen the floor in the toilet, the upper platform of the refrigerator, or the box of linen in the closet, you will have to give up. You need to comfortably and safely equip your favorite pet corner. The toilet, for example, will have to be left ajar.

General recommendations for caring for golden chinchillas require:

  • Trim your nails once a month if you have a clipper. The latter is sold in pet stores, representing the likeness of a hemp or tree. Without clippers, a haircut is done once every couple of weeks.
  • Once a day, cats brush their teeth. Pets are taught their hygiene from childhood. Cleaning products are also sold at pet stores. An additional “agent” in the field of healthy teeth is dry animal feed. Its granules help to remove plaque and stone in the mouth.
  • All golden chinchillas have round and slightly convex eyes. These require daily cleaning with clean, boiled water or a weak infusion of chamomile.

Price and reviews about representatives of the breed

The price of a cat golden chinchilla starts at 10,000 rubles if the kitten has a document. If, by pedigree, an animal read to become a show class pet and confirms it with its exterior, I can ask for 25,000-40000 rubles. Persians are generally cheaper, while Britons and Scots are more expensive.

Reviews of golden chinchillas are just as controversial as breeds wearing a royal color. Disagreements are mainly related to the nature of the animals. It should be in harmony with the character of the owner.

Misconception about the existence of a separate breed of "golden chinchilla" introduces confusion in the minds of pet lovers. Sometimes, they expect from a kitten the British docility, acquiring a Scotsman.

As for the color of pets, he gives only positive emotions. The owners share that in their house "appeared the sun", giving warmth in both direct and figurative senses.

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