Balinese cat Description, features, care and price of a Balinese cat

Balinese cat found out thanks to two people living in America. In 1940, they managed to cross two Siamese cats. Their desire was one thing - they wanted to fix long-haired signs in cats.

This breed was named after the dancers of the temples on the Indonesian island of Bali. Why in honor of them? Because cats have a subtle, sincere and aristocratic nature.

Their tread is light and inaudible, their grace mixed with unusual external beauty can only be noticed by real connoisseurs. The elegance and plasticity of the dancers and cats were striking in their similarities, so the people who brought them out did not have to think long about what to call them.

For a long time, the Balinese have not been recognized in the world community. Their first participation in the championship was in 1970. Two years later, these cats took part in world demonstration contests.

Description and features of a Balinese cat

Those who first get acquainted with cats of this breed remember the quality of their coat. It is gentle and pleasant, with tangible and noticeable silky, medium length, luxurious and fluffy on the tail.

You can avoid the loss of all these positive features if you do not pair Balinese with Siamese, owners of short hair. Balinese cat in the photo and in real life it leaves an indelible mark on the memory of those who saw it for the first time. It is simply impossible to forget.

A typical cat with a proportional body, having slender and elongated paws, the front ones being shorter than the hind legs, with a solid body and ideally developed muscular muscles.

The classic representatives of these cats are distinguished by the elongation of their shapes, the roundness of the pads of the legs, narrow hips and a long tail, crowned with matchless wool fringe. Their head does not stand out against the general background. It is medium in size, wedge-shaped, with an oblong profile and a straight nose.

Judging by description of a balinese cat her color is not much different from that of her Siamese relatives. Most pronounced are pastel cream tones with slight dimming in the back and sides.

Interestingly, kittens at birth are pure white in color and only with age do their legs, muzzle, tail and head darken. Hue in cats can be found in dark brown, blue, purple or chocolate.

The animal's eyes have an expressive almond-shaped shape, a little with an oblique setting. They are saturated blue or blue. This is one of the most loyal to its owners cat. Prefers freedom. One can only agree to a walk on a leash if this leash does not constrain her movements.

The cat cannot be sociable, she with great pleasure supports all games and takes a direct part in them. Affectionate and peacefulness are the main features cats of a Balinese breed. They perfectly sing their gentle songs in a feline soothing language and are a symbol of affection and tenderness until they are offended.

Generally Balinese cat character It can be noted as calm and peaceful. They are demanding. They do not like it when they pay little attention to their person. They enter into friendship with all members of the family.

They are not annoyed by the persistence of the kids, which is very important. Not all breeds like communicating with children and not all of them can calmly relate to the fact that someone unexpectedly pulled them by the tail.

In the face siamese balinese cat a person can really find for himself a true and faithful friend who will always be there and protect him from despondency. This animal has a striking mind. You don’t even have to try to hide her favorite toys.

A cat with amazing speed, grace and simultaneous dexterity will get its favorite item from everywhere. She easily opens her cabinet doors with her paws and can easily jump to the upper shelves.

The cat will never go hungry. She will meow continuously and persistently until she receives food for herself. The temperament of these pets is much calmer than their Siamese brothers. True, they also love hunting, this is their one great positive trait that helps people who have mice on the farm.

By the aristocratic appearance of a cat, one can only think at first glance that she is proud and inaccessible, but after the first contact with her, her opinion changes dramatically. This is the embodiment of beauty, tenderness and devotion. It's hard to find a sweeter creature.

For a cat, constant communication is important. It is better not to start it for people who spend more time outside the home. In frequent cases, after prolonged communication with a person, a cat can adopt its character, therefore aggression and a bad mood when communicating with this pet are generally not welcome.

Balinese cat breed standards

A standard cat of Balinese breed must have a slender body, long legs and a harmonious physique. The head of these cats has an oriental type, the ears have a triangular shape.

The nose is somewhat elongated. The animal's eyes have a saturated blue color, they are expressive, bright, have an almond-shaped shape. Gray eyes are possible, but this is already considered a deviation from the norm. In some cases, cross-eyed Balinese are found. More recently, this was considered the norm. Currently, such cats are considered marriage.

For all the requirements of the standard, a description of Siamese cats suits them, only with long hair, distinguished by softness and lightness. The tail of the animal is extended at the end, long, ends with a beautiful and peculiar wool fringe. Cats with a broken tail end are not allowed to participate in exhibitions and competitions.

The ears of the thoroughbred of this cat are large, triangular in shape, sharp. They are so located, as if they continue to visibility the wedge. With any feeding, this cat should be miniature and weigh from 2.5 to 5 kg.

The coat is medium-long, silky, without undercoat, smooth in almost all places except the area of ​​the chin, neck and tail. In these places it is undulating. As for the color, there are about 20 shades.

Of these, the most common shades of blue, cream and chocolate. But there are other tones. For example, continuous tinting of a cat is acceptable. Red and black Balinese cats do not exist.

If the kitten’s body is excessively darkened, the nose and paw pads without the necessary pigment, and the abdomen is decorated with dark spots - this is considered a clear deviation from the norm and disqualifies the animal.


In this matter, Balinese cats are not too picky. They can eat with pleasure, as a special food, so the usual natural food. In dry feeds, it is better to give priority to feeds from the premium class. Low-class diets contain very little meat, mainly consisting of processed offal.

If we talk about natural feed, then the first and most basic requirement for it is that food should be fresh. The diet of the cat should be foods containing all the nutrients.

It is important to know that mixing of two types of food is not acceptable for this breed. It is necessary to give one of them. For dry food, it is better to choose one brand and not experiment. It is very important for these kittens to have clean dishes with water.

Balinese Cat Care

As for caring for a cat, there are no special rules and requirements in this regard. Everything that is required for kittens of other breeds - combing, rubbing the eyes, daily cleaning of the ears and periodic bathing applies to Balones. Special shampoos are available for swimming in pet stores.

As you know, the ancestors of Balinese cats lived in Indonesia. They were distinguished by increased cleanliness. The real Balinese in this regard are no different from them, they pay special attention to the issue of their personal hygiene.

The fact that pets don’t have an undercoat is a big plus, cats don’t have tars that other breeds often have, and cause a lot of trouble for their owners. It is very important to remember that for this breed of cats it is preferable to stay in good home conditions. They are not adapted for life on the street.

The difficult climatic conditions of some latitudes may adversely affect the external data of the Balinese, who are forced to live on the street. Simply put, they are not used to such a life.

Price and breed reviews

In nature, there are a huge number of different breeds of cats, each of them has its positive and negative sides. Before buy a balinese cat a person is better to learn all its pros and cons. Only after this can you decide and start at home this pet. The positive sides of this breed are:

  • the beauty of the cat and its even nature;
  • quick addiction and affection for people;
  • Great relationships with younger family members
  • the absolute absence of aggressive behavior towards people and other pets in the family;
  • the cat quickly gives in to training and education;
  • there are no problems with her care;
  • she does not molt.

There are some negative aspects that must be considered:

  • the cat does not tolerate loneliness, it can be left alone for a very short time;
  • sometimes she meows loudly.

And so basically she has a soft and flexible character, as those people who often have to communicate with this breed say. The outward resemblance of these pets to Siamese breeds does not mean that these cats are also vengeful.

They have no character trait at all. They are very gentle, affectionate and lonely creatures. It is better to get kittens from people who are breeding this breed.

So you do not have to often go to the veterinarians. Usually such kittens are already vaccinated and accustomed to the pot. Average price of balinese cat 500 dollars.

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