Ridgeback. Description, features, care and price of a ridgeback dog

Description and features of the breed

Ridgeback - This, while still exotic for our country, dog breed combines two varieties, representatives of which have more differences than similarities. They differ in origin, size, role in human life and, of course, nature.

Despite such a wide range of differences, these dogs have one remarkable common feature that distinguishes them from other breeds. The fact is that on the body of both the Rhodesian and the Thai Ridgeback there is a section on which the wool grows in the opposite direction.

This site is called ridge and, in fact, due to its presence, the breed got its name. Of course, unusual growth of coat is found in many dogs, but it is in the ridgeback that this attribute determines the breed, because in the literal translation “ridgeback” means “comb on the back”.

It can vary greatly in different dogs (in shape, width, number and severity of curls). The comb is clearly visible from the moment of birth, deprived of his dog for breeding are not allowed. As for the origin of dogs with the same pedigree character on continents very distant from each other, there is no unequivocal opinion.

The crest of a Rhodesian ridgeback is visible in the photo.

Some experts are of the opinion that dogs originated on one of the continents through the natural mixing of domestic animals with their wild relatives, and later on with merchant ships fell on another. There is also a version of the independent origin of these species.

Ridgeback Types

So, it is customary to distinguish two varieties of the breed: rhodesian ridgeback and thai ridgeback. The main differences between these species of breed are related to their origin, role in human life and, as a consequence, the direction of selection.

Origin and distinguishing features of the Rhodesian Ridgeback

The homeland of the Rhodesian Ridgeback is South Africa, where the main specialization of the dog was lion hunting. Strength and endurance, combined with a fearless character, allowed not only to pursue, but also to keep prey. All these qualities are inherent in modern representatives of the breed.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

In accordance with the standard, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a large (up to 69 cm at the withers), muscular, but not heavy dog, having a short thick and shiny coat from light red to red-red color. The ridge should be symmetrical, not too short and have only two curls. In modern conditions, dogs of this breed are used as guards and companions.

Thai ridgeback

There is reason to believe that the Thai Ridgeback or MahTai is one of the oldest known dog breeds. This is a very genetically complex hybrid, largely preserving the features of aboriginal dogs. In the homeland of the breed - in Thailand and surrounding countries - Ridgebacks are credited with truly amazing qualities.

It is believed that dogs can hunt on their own, and not only for their own food, but also for the owner’s family, and also perfectly fight dangerous animals such as snakes and rats. Officially, the breed was registered only in the late 90s of the 20th century.

Thai ridgeback

Thai Ridgeback is characterized as a strong, mobile dog of medium height. The breed standard also has excellent jumping ability. The coat is very short and smooth. The ridge should clearly stand out on the wool, not go on the sides and can be of various shapes.

As for the color, the most common one is red. There is also black, blue and a very rare isabella color (you can find the name "deer"). By appointment, the Thai Ridgeback is a companion, athlete and security guard.

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Ridgeback Price

Those who decide to become the owner of such a dog are advised to take the purchase issue seriously and prepare in advance. Ridgeback dog serious and such a purchase will not be cheap. The Internet and various newspapers are full of ads in which they ask for 10-15 thousand rubles for a dog. Do not flatter yourself, for this price it is impossible to buy this breed!

In reputable nurseries ridgeback puppies show classes cost from 30,000 rubles. And if we are talking about such an exotic breed as Thai Ridgeback, then the price can exceed 100 thousand rubles.

Thai ridgeback puppy

About which exist Ridgeback nurseries and where it is better to buy a puppy, you can ask at a dog breeding club or visit specialized exhibitions. Since Thai Ridgeback is not very widespread in our country, it is often possible to buy a puppy only abroad, while the delivery cost may exceed the price of a dog.

Home care and maintenance

We can say that the ridgeback at home is almost perfect. A balanced temperament and the absence of aggression make him an excellent companion for families with children. However, if necessary, the ridgeback exhibits excellent security qualities. The cleanliness of these animals and the unpretentiousness of care provides additional convenience of keeping.

Ridgeback gets along well with children

Despite all the exotic, special care ridgeback breed does not require. The most important thing is to provide dogs with a sufficient level of physical activity. Do not keep the dog locked, but go with him for a walk, throw him a stick or ball and he will run after them with pleasure.

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