Dachshund: maintenance and care

A ridiculous appearance, desperate courage, a loyal heart and indefatigable energy - these are the representatives of the dog breed, which from ancient times was used to hunt burrowing animals. Today, hunting with dachshunds is extremely rare, but they live around the world as pets.

Private house maintenance

The dachshund makes an unforgettable impression: a flexible muscular body, powerful paws, a muzzle full of dignity on a well-developed muscular neck, long ears and stunning disproportionality, which has become a distinctive feature of the breed. Very often experienced dog lovers who fall in love with this breed make a fee for keeping in a private house.

This dog will be a great companion for hunters, lovers of an active lifestyle, but do not hope that fresh air and a spacious area for walking will save owners from a lot of trouble.

A puppy of a standard dachshund, the largest in the line of this breed, acquired from working parents is able to turn the life of the owners upside down. It is considered a little easier to raise miniature and rabbit dachshunds, the temperament of which has been adjusted by decades of selection work.

But the dachshund of all sizes remains a hunter and a loyal protector. That is why, from the first months of her life, she explores her territory, which includes not only the house, but also a personal plot.

Important! Remember that no fence will be an obstacle for a short-legged burrowing dog chasing prey.

For hundreds of years, she drove foxes, badgers, beavers out of shelters, broke through passages underground, smelling game, so digging into the neighbors' plot, where, according to the dog, there is always something worthy of her attention, it's only a matter of time.

Lawns, beds, and neatly laid paths suffer from powerful paws: when a dachshund takes up work, the dachshund almost never backs down; it equally chasingly pursues mice, rats, rabbits, hedgehogs, and other animals. Sometimes chicken coops fall into the zone of her interests, where a clever hunter breaks through with enviable tenacity and arranges a grand commotion among the birds.

A puppy that is not constantly involved is not trained - this is a time bomb, so you should evaluate your potential. Dachshunds hate loneliness, they are smart, wise, they understand people perfectly, but they can make decisions independently, pursuing prey. The indefatigable energy makes the kids do a lot of stupid things: torn pillows and blankets, doors torn to pieces, broken beds and torn seedlings only say that the puppy was very bored.

At least in the first weeks it is not necessary to leave the dog alone, making it clear that it is safe, on its territory, that the owner does not leave forever, and that all the other inhabitants of the house and manor are now protected by His Majesty Dachshund.

The owner and his family, as well as property, the dog will protect with the dedication of a fighting dog. Many owners talk about the intelligence and ingenuity of dachshunds, the ability to both scavenger, and for weeks to track and guard pests - rodents, arrange ambushes and cleverly catch them.

Hunting instincts become a problem in private possessions also because they create additional risks of shoots of an animal lowered from a leash. The persecution makes you forget about everything, a lot of smells are killed, the main one is muffled - the dachshund is lost and may not find the way home, to the owner.

And how many temptations awaits a hunter who has broken free: dumps, garbage dumps, a bag of rotten fish thrown by someone, rotten meat. It takes a lot of patience and love, months of training, to help the dog overcome the hunter's desire to get rid of his own smell, which can frighten off prey. After all, that's why the dachshund literally breaks to the very first heap of garbage, rubs against the most smelly objects, rubbing all this muck into the hair and skin, masking the smell.

It is the animal’s intelligence that becomes salvation: the dachshund learns very quickly, learns lessons well and remembers them for a long time. She is able to be offended, to suck up, if she has cheated, can be meek and obedient or a devil - it all depends on the owner and his ability to understand the pet and find a common language with him.

Maintenance in the apartment

Many consider dachshunds ideal dogs for keeping in an apartment. Height from 25 cm (rabbit) to 35 cm (standard) at the withers, weighing from 4 to 10 kg, respectively, these dogs become excellent companions, loyal friends and faithful guards, which is almost impossible to bribe.

Important! Consider several features of the breed before purchasing a fee for an apartment.

The main enemy of both a puppy and an adult dog is stairs due to structural features of the spine. Congenital dwarfism, cultivated for centuries for hunting, leads to diseases of the bones and joints in the city.

Do not allow the dachshund to rise too high, to overcome the passage after passage in the porches, problems can arise even after a sharp jump from the back of the sofa. Moreover, you should not force her to perform risky tricks with jumps and high rises.

Dachshunds are extremely curious creatures; they like to taste absolutely everything. Therefore, the owners of animals need to try to immediately teach the puppy not to pick up abandoned pieces of food, rags, wrappers, packages from the ground. The dog must not be allowed to accept treats from outsiders without the permission of the owner.

The problem with instincts intensifies at times in urban settings. In addition to the natural smells that the dog’s nose has adapted to since the 16th century (it was then that the first descriptions of a special breed of short-legged dogs for hunting appeared), there are many much stronger “aromas”, often caustic, clogging all the others, which deprives the animal of the ability to orientate correctly. Young dachshunds are often lost if they are lowered even in parks, carried away by the pursuit of small game.

The problem of loneliness also arises sharply when a puppy remains in an apartment without owners. Because of fear and longing, he who does not understand what is happening is able to bark and howl for hours, which neighbors are unlikely to like. A tiny dog ​​is capable of many things: torn to shreds clothes and shoes, dismantled parquet, a “eaten up” sofa - revenge for hours without owners.

Taxes in temperament are very similar to children with whom they can easily find a common language. Therefore, a little care and understanding helps to avoid very big problems. Training, training on special sites, full walks and a sufficient number of toys and things with the smell of the owner help save property and nerves.

The problems that arise in the owners are more than paid off by the positive emotions that this amazing beast gives with a pronounced personality, cheerful disposition and love of loving.

Optimal conditions

Understanding the characteristics of the breed will help the owners to create optimal conditions for the maintenance of the dachshund, in which communication with the pet will bring only positive emotions.

It is interesting! Caring for both long-haired, and wire-haired and smooth-haired representatives of the breed is very simple.

It is enough to comb the dog with special brushes to avoid traces of wool on clothes and furniture. Dachshunds need to be washed with special shampoos no more than 2 times a month, unless something extraordinary has happened. Kids do not always withstand the intervals between walks, but the size and ingenuity of this breed allows them to be trained to walk in a tray or on special diapers.

Dachshund walking

The dog must know its own nickname, at the first call to approach the owner’s foot, to be clearly focused only on him and his family members. "Friends" and "strangers" are two more words that the dog must understand.

Important! Even a small dachshund needs full walks.

Be sure to accustom the animal to a leash and a collar, as carried away by rustling in the bushes, chasing a cat or something else no less interesting, the dachshund forgets everything. It’s good to have a muzzle and a tape measure in your arsenal. A muzzle is useful in order to wean a doggie to lift everything from the ground, and roulette will create the appearance of freedom of movement, but will not allow you to escape.

A mischievous, moving pet will always attract the attention of strangers, but you should not let it be ironed and treated to everyone, it can cause trouble.

Walking with a dachshund without fail is necessary in the morning and in the evening, if possible - it is worth taking the dog out for lunch. Walks should last no less than 40-60 minutes, excellent if in the mornings the owner runs 2-3 km with a dog, and in the evenings walk the same distance with a calm step. A couple of times a week it’s good to arrange longer outings, dachshunds are not only good hunters, but also swimmers, so in the summer you should visit them in ponds where dogs are not forbidden to swim.

In winter, the dog may require special clothing that does not interfere with the natural needs, but can protect against hypothermia.

Diet, diet

Dachshunds are recommended to be accustomed to one type of food from the first days: either dry food or natural food.

Up to 4 months, babies are fed 5 times with cereals with meat or offal, or 4 times with premium dry feeds, taking care of fresh water in sufficient quantities. From 4 to 9 months, the dog is taught to feed 4 times with natural products or 3 times with dry foods.

After this, you can switch to 3 meals a day (cereals, dairy products, fish without bones, offal), if the dog eats dry food, then the food becomes 2 meals a day.

Important!It is imperative to monitor a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in the feed so that the dachshund normally grows, develops and maintains good health.

A serving is determined by a simple rule - as soon as the dog is distracted from food, moves away from the cup, it should be removed. In the next feeding, if the owner does not give up under the steadfast unhappy and hungry look, does not feed the dog, the dog will eat the whole portion that the body needs. True, very few withstand - dachshunds - excellent psychologists and know how to achieve their goal.

Read the details: How to feed a dachshund

Residues from the table are strictly contraindicated, sweets, you can not overfeed both puppies and adult animals. These dogs do not know the measures, and any overeating is fraught with both digestive problems and obesity, which leads to problems with the spine and the cardiovascular system.

Parenting and training

After the first commands and training the puppy to the nickname, one should think about the “school” - special training sites and, if necessary, dog handlers. Trainers will help you choose the right set of exercises for training, if the owner can not cope on his own.

It is interesting!Dogs intended for work are trained by experienced professionals. After all, in the field an untrained dachshund can die. But hunting with dachshunds is a rarity today, so they teach dogs only basic commands.

From the first day of stay in the house, the dog must be brought up affectionately, but persistently and persistently. Dachshunds usually easily accept the conditions of coexistence with people, they quickly find their master, making him an object of adoration, get used to the rules of behavior at home and on the street. The socialization of the dachshund is also not difficult. Although, sensing a threat, the animal is able to rush at an enemy, significantly exceeding it in size, but more often it is friendly to everyone who does not show aggression.

Care and hygiene

Dachshunds are very clean, so caring for them is easy. You should monitor your eyes and ears, timely removing contamination with antiseptic wipes. Claws can be trimmed independently with a nail clipper, but it is best to contact the veterinarian with this procedure. You need to comb out the doggie at least 1 time per week, wash it once every 2-4 weeks. Shorthair representatives of this breed are simply wiped with wet wipes 1 time per day with molting or serious contamination. Special bones are needed for brushing your teeth and removing stone.

Dachshund vaccination

A puppy purchased from breeders or from a kennel must be vaccinated. As a rule, inquiries about this are attached. The vaccine schedule for the owners will also be given by the parents' owners. The vaccination calendar should be taken seriously, dachshunds are easily infected with infectious diseases that lead to irreparable consequences and cause death.

The ratio of dachshunds to children

Friendly and funny dogs are very fond of children. But the character traits of some of them, unpleasant experience or aggression shown to them can forever ruin the relationship. After all, the dachshund mash is good, some may even avenge insults.

So it’s worth immediately explaining to the children that the dog is not a toy, it cannot be offended, deceived, dragged on a leash when he does not want to move, tease, scare. Having played, a dachshund can slightly bite a partner in the game, but a healthy dog ​​can stop and should not cause pain. Usually children and dachshunds perfectly find a common language.

Maintenance fee

The high cost of puppies from well-known manufacturers implies appropriate conditions for keeping dogs. It will be necessary to change toys and equipment 1 time in 3 months, 2 times per season it will be necessary to change clothes if they were needed. For these purposes, it takes from 3 to 30 thousand rubles, it all depends on the financial capabilities of the owner. For food, 1,500 rubles should be budgeted, another 1,000 should be monitored by a veterinarian.

It is interesting!Prices vary in a very wide range, you can always find everything you need for an animal for the price that matches the capabilities of the owners.

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