The new symbols of the capital of Latvia are Muris and Kuzya

The mayor of Riga "gave the green light" to a new advertising company, the purpose of which is to attract tourists to the city. The main characters of the company will be two cats living in the City Duma - Kuzya and Muris.

With their participation in the action, animals will now work out their rations. This was announced on his Facebook page by Neil Ushakov himself.

Muris and Kuzya are the current symbols of the Riga City Council.

The mayor posted on the page a photograph of cats walking along the Dome Square of the old city. The photo was signed with a message that in Riga travelers will be served by hotels of various price categories, and you can relax and have fun in cozy cafes and restaurants, which are numerous in the capital.

Concerts and exhibitions await tourists as well. In a word, as the mayor summed up, Riga is a wonderful vacation for everyone. He also added that Murisa and Kuzyu can be seen in the Town Hall in his office during working hours, and cats, in turn, will always be happy to meet with tourists.

Cats themselves are not new to the advertising business, and shortly before the New Year holidays, they took part in an action that attracted tourists. Both cats have become a kind of symbol of Riga. Last fall, the Bank of Latvia even issued a collection coin worth five euros: on one side of the coin you can see the image of five cats, one of which is Muris. In addition, mascot cats have their own page on Facebook, where you can see the events of their cat's life.

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