Eco friendly car tires

Experts believe that car tires are what harm the environment the most. Automotive manufacturers are constantly improving and striving to reduce their environmental impact, comply with environmental standards and requirements, increase efficiency, and improve production technologies.

Texas Wind Power

Texas has such climatic conditions that a strong wind blows at night. Locals use wind energy to their advantage and receive electricity that is environmentally friendly and clean. In addition, this allows you to save money, and therefore people do not pay for electricity from 21:00 to 6:00. A total of 10% of Texas state energy comes from wind power.

Recycled water supply for enterprises

Being engaged in the modernization of enterprises, in some industries such technology as recycled water supply is being introduced. Its benefit is the ability to save clean water. After the water has been used for the first time, it is purified and then heated or cooled. After that, it is used a second time.

Ecological furniture

When buying environmentally friendly furniture, you first need to decide on a number of questions: - How much do you need this furniture? - Maybe someone from friends or relatives has the right piece of furniture? “Would you like this furniture? Will it be able to serve you for a long time?” “If you buy this piece of furniture, will it harm anyone?”

Eco-friendly houses

In this century, environmental problems have reached global levels. And when the environmental situation is on the verge of catastrophe, only now people have realized the tragedy of their future and are making attempts to preserve nature. Active houses, which are built according to modern environmental technologies, are of great importance, and the latest developments for arranging housing are used inside.

Solar panels

Today it is important to use alternative energy sources. The most widespread and popular in the world are solar panels. Almost any person, even one who is not interested in environmental technology, will tell you how the solar battery works and that it is very effective. These devices have already tightly entered our daily lives.

Paper battery

At the end of the twentieth century, a paper battery was developed by scientists at the University of Linkoping. This development was done in the field of physics and called "energy paper". It is folded and equipped with rolls, which is convenient to transport and transport. The application of this paper is wide. For example, from it you can make origami.

Algae Fuel

Carrying out developments to produce alternative fuel, it became possible to obtain it from algae and coal dust. This seems somewhat unrealistic, but experience with the use of this energy source is already available. This method of production was invented by scientists led by Ben Zili from the University of South Africa.

Hazardous substances in the house

After a working day, everyone is eager to come home as soon as possible to relax and rest. But is the place where we live safe? In place of natural materials, plastic, metal and many artificial things that are not so safe for health, such as wood, wool, clay, came into everyday life. You should seriously consider this, especially if you have children who need to grow up in a safe environment.

Ecopics - a new way of hanging out

In the hot summer, most people prefer to sunbathe, swim in lakes and rivers, stroll through parks and forests, and also have picnics in nature. Spending time in this way, it should be remembered that then people will come to the same place. If you leave trash behind, it will be unpleasant for the next vacationer and harm the environment.

Eco style for a harmonious life

The faster technical progress develops, the farther a person is from nature. And no matter how comfortable a person lives in the city, over time he is drawn to nature. At the end of the twentieth century. The destruction of the world around us has become critical, and some people are gradually thinking about how to improve the environment.

Ecostyle in the interior

For some people, eco-style is a tribute to fashion. However, eco-style is more than fashion, it is a way of life. Having equipped the apartment in the eco style, you will be comfortable in your home, as everything will resemble the natural environment. To create such an interior, you must adhere to some rules.

Small hydropower

Unconventional energy - it is on it that the attention of the whole world is currently focused. And that is pretty easy to explain. The tides, the tide, the surf, the currents of small and large rivers, the Earth’s magnetic field and, finally, the wind are inexhaustible sources of energy, and cheap and renewable energy would be a big mistake not to use such a gift from Mother Nature.

Ocean conditions and sea ice development

It is well known that ice formation begins under the condition that the outflow of heat into the atmosphere from the surface of the reservoir exceeds its entry to it from the deep layers. The heat deficit formed in this case is compensated by the heat of crystallization during the transition of water from a liquid to a solid state. Obviously, wherever the annual heat loss by the ocean exceeds the amount of solar energy supplied to it, in winter the necessary conditions are created for the formation of sea ice.

Sludge Processing Equipment

At all wastewater treatment plants where biological treatment is carried out, precipitation forms from time to time, which is an extra layer of sediment and sludge. This excess layer of sludge is formed due to the continuous growth of various microorganisms due to the oxidation of a large number of organic pollutants.