How to care for a small aquarium?

A small aquarium from 20 to 40 cm in length can be considered small (I note that there are still nano-aquariums, but this is rather an art). In smaller than these, it is difficult to keep almost any fish, except perhaps a cockerel or cardinals. Small aquariums need the same practical equipment as for larger ones.

How to feed ancestrus?

As a rule, fans of Antsistruses do not particularly think about feeding them. After all, first of all, Antsistruses are famous as cleaners of the aquarium and algae, which means that they will not die of hunger even if they are not especially fed. Therefore, very often ancistruses are on the verge of survival, eating crumbs for other fish, and eating a small amount of algae.

How to breed catfish panda?

Small size, unusual appearance and help in cleaning the aquarium, this is what made the panda catfish so popular. Breeding catfish pandas, however, can be tricky. But, this fish is gaining more and more popularity and to breed it is not only interesting, but also profitable. What conditions should be created for them?

How to choose fish if there is no experience yet?

Aquarium fish for beginners must withstand fluctuations in water parameters in a new aquarium and resist diseases caused by stress. Behavior is also important - peaceful, livable fish are the best choice for a beginner. Often they forget about such a factor as the ability of fish to adapt, not in terms of water, but in terms of a new environment and new neighbors.

Platidoras striped - catfish that sings

Striped platidoras (lat. Platydoras armatulus) catfish which are contained in the aquarium for interesting features. It is all covered with bone plates and can make sounds underwater. Habitat Its habitat is the Rio Orinoco basin in Colombia and Venezuela, part of the Amazon basin in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.

Properly feed the fish - moderately and not often

One of the first questions people ask aquarium fish sellers is how to feed them properly? You might think that this is a simple question, but it is far from the case. Of course, if you do not want to trouble yourself, you can just throw some cereal in the aquarium, but if you want your fish to be healthy, play with all the colors of the rainbow and please you, then we will show you how to properly feed the aquarium fish.

How to destroy snails in an aquarium?

Aquarium snails are beautiful, useful and for the most part do not harm other inhabitants. However, there are times when they breed so abundantly that they begin to annoy the aquarist. This is especially true of soil snails, such as chalking. To get rid of them is completely very difficult, and in the article we will consider the main ways to cope with an excess of snails.

River Monster - Red-Tailed Catfish

Red-tailed catfish, fractocephalus (as well as Orinoca catfish or flat-headed, Latin: Phractocephalus hemioliopterus) is named after the bright orange caudal fin. Beautiful, but very large and predatory catfish. It lives in South America in the Amazon, Orinoco and Essekibo. Inhabitants of Peru call red-tailed catfish - pirarara.

We transport and transplant fish wisely

Transplanting fish from one aquarium to another is stressful for them. Fish that were transported and transplanted improperly can become ill or die. Understanding how to acclimatize fish and what it is, significantly increases the chances that everything will go smoothly. What is acclimatization? Why is it needed?

How often to change the water in the aquarium?

Water replacement is an important part to maintain a healthy and balanced aquarium. Why do this and how often, we will try to tell in detail in our article. There are many opinions about replacing water: books, Internet portals, fish sellers, and even your friends, will give different numbers of the frequency and amount of water being replaced.

Shark ball or shark barbus

Shark balu (Latin: Balantiocheilos melanopterus) is also known as shark barbus and shark ball, but do not be fooled by the word shark in his name. It is called a shark for its body shape resembling a shark and a high dorsal fin. But in fact, this is all that it contains from a formidable predator. Although they look menacing, especially when they grow up, they are not prone to aggression.

What you need to buy for an aquarium?

For a person who decides to start an aquarium for the first time, the question arises - what is needed for a home aquarium? What equipment? In the article you will find out what equipment for an aquarium happens, what types of filters, heaters, etc., and how do they differ? Heaters, filters, and lighting are important parts of a modern tropical aquarium and now there is a large selection of different equipment.

Golden Antsistrus or Albino - charming and unique

Antcistrus albino, or as it is also called - white or golden antiscistrus, is one of the most unusual fish found in aquariums. I currently have a few veiled albino anti-cystruses in my 200-gallon tank, and I can say that this is my favorite fish. In addition to modest size and visibility, they are characterized by a calm character and interesting behavior.

Somuk-cuckoo or synodontis multifoam

Synodontis multifoam or Dalmatian (lat. Synodontis multipunctatus), appeared in the aquariums of lovers relatively recently. He is very interesting in behavior, bright and unusual, immediately attracts attention to himself. But. There are important nuances in the content and compatibility of cuckoo catfish, which you will learn about from the material.

Sack-gill catfish - insatiable beauty

Sack-gill catfish (lat. Heteropneustes fossilis) - aquarium fish, originating from the family of gill-gill. This is a large (up to 30 cm), active predator, and even poisonous. In fish of this genus, instead of being light, two sacks running along the body from the gills to the tail. When catfish lands on land, water in bags allows it to survive for several hours.

Aquarium Homes For Beginners

Aquarium is not difficult, if you do not take very demanding species of fish. There are many nuances that an experienced aquarist needs to know, but you will still get to them. What should a beginner do? You say to yourself: I want an aquarium! Where to begin? We have prepared for you 10 golden rules that will help to make everything right in the aquarium from the very beginning.

Singing catfish - keeping, breeding and feeding armored catfish

There are many catfishes that belong to the family Armored (Doradidae). Often they are also called singing catfish for their ability to make loud sounds. This group of catfish lives in South America. Now they are quite widely represented on sale, both small and large species. The problem is that large species such as Pseudodoras niger or Pterodoras granulosus quickly outgrow the size of the aquarium in which they are kept.

Panda corridoras - catfish similar to bears

The corridor panda (lat.Corydoras panda) or as it is also called catfish panda, a resident of South America. It lives in Peru and Ecuador, mainly in the rivers Rio Aqua, Rio Amaril, and in the right tributary of the Amazon - Rio Ucayali. Catfish habitats are known for their soft and sour water, with a slow flow. In addition, the water in them is slightly colder than in the other rivers of the region.

What to do with the aquarium if you need to leave?

Vacation or a business trip, or ... but you never know what can happen. And there’s no one to leave the aquarium for .... How to leave the aquarium for a long time and return not to be upset? Especially in the summer, when you have to leave, and there’s no one to leave the aquarium on? How to feed the fish? Whom to attract? What are automatic feeders for?

Catfish Changeling - the most unusual catfish

Catfish changeling (Synodontis nigriventris) is often not noticed in pet stores, they hide in shelters or are invisible in large aquariums among large fish. However, these are charming fish and they will be a wonderful addition to some types of aquariums. Synodontis (Synodontis) is a species of the family (Mochokidae), better known as naked catfish, due to the lack of hard scales traditional for catfish.